Zip-Itz: fun new dolls from Playdin

I received a sample for review

Children are hoarders by nature.  When they see something they want, their instinct is to squirrel it away.  Whenever we go out for a walk, you can bet my kids' pockets will end up with a stone, a seed or some other treasure.  I can't tell you how many times I've pulled out melted crayon stubs and little toys from the dryer!

This summer your kids will have an extra-special friend to celebrate all their little treasures:  Zip-Itz toys from Playdin, a line of plush cuties with zippers and pockets all over their bodies where kids can stash their trinkets.  Each Zip-Itz character is unique, with its own personality and history.  They're all the product of one misfortune or other at the Zany Zipper Factory (the wallet assembly line, purse assembly line, etc...) and I think kids will love finding out how their Zip-Itz friends came to be, and how their backstories influenced their characters.

We received Zack Zip-Itz to review, and although I assumed from the name that Zack is a boy, Zack is a medley of pinks and purples and blues and yellows, so he/she looks more like a "he" to me!  The line does seem more geared towards girls, for parents who care about that sort of thing, there are a few others with more "boyish" color-palettes, like Zee....

... Zeke...

... and Zanta (he's a limited edition, holiday-themed Zip-It!)

"Girly" Zip-Itz include Zoey....

.. and Zinderella (another Deluxe Zip-Itz)

There are also pillow Zip-Itz and mini Zip-Itz!  Zip-Itz range from $6.99 to $29.99 and are available at and

Disclosure: I received a product sample for review.  The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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