Introducing Blue Bunny Cadbury's Ice Cream Bars

There's a new heir to the throne of England, and everyone is celebrating!  The Royal Birth has been headline news for the past few days, and what better way to commemorate the occasion than with a proper English tea party?  MomSelect and Blue Bunny sent us a box of goodies to help me put together a fantastic spread for The Pea, 3Po, Jammy and their friends:

a tea set...

... some fancy hats and fascinators...

..... and the star of the show: samples of Blue Bunny's latest confection, Cadbury Ice Cream Bars!  Cadbury is probably the most well-known British chocolate brand; as such, it was the perfect addition to our tea party.  There are certain things that make an English tea party what it is, and having an authentic English brand such as Cadbury is one of them!

Blue Bunny's Cadbury ice cream bars feature low-fat ice cream smothered in rich, delicious Cadbury chocolate.  Varieties include English Toffee, Caramello, Royal Dark, Vanilla Chocolate, Double Chocolate, and Chocolate Almond (we received samples of the first 4).

All the guests at our tea party loved these ice cream bars.  While the ice cream was nice, the Cadbury chocolate was definitely the star of the show.  Alfie grew up eating Cadbury chocolate, and he has been pretty disappointed with the Cadbury chocolate here in the US.  It doesn't quite meet the standards of the Cadburychocolate in the UK.... but we all agreed that the Cadbury chocolate used in these ice cream bars is superb!  It's as smooth and creamy as the Cadbury chocolate in the UK.   Another great feature of these bars is their size -- they are smaller than the usual ice cream bar so you can control portions and calories and sugar.  Look out for Blue Bunny's Cadbury Ice Cream Bars in your supermarket freezer, they are absolutely gorgeous (that's English for yummy!!)

Check out more photos of our tea party:  we had ice cream....

Tea party food (clockwise, from top center): onion tarts, cucumber sandwiches, fairy cakes, peach tart, blueberry tart... and tea (or apple juice for the kids) in the center!

... more ice cream...

.... oh-so-proper badminton games....

... and more ice cream!

Disclosure: Thanks to Blue Bunny and MomSelect for providing Cadbury's ice cream bars and party favors for my tea party.The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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