Get your kids to drink milk anytime, anywhere with shelf-safe milk

I received samples of shelf safe milk.

I grew up in the Philippines, and in those days getting fresh milk was rare.  My parents made me drink a glass of milk every day to make sure I got enough calcium, but that milk was usually canned evaporated milk, and I hated it.  Life changed when groceries started carrying shelf-stable milk in Tetra Pak cartons because the milk tasted sooo much better: it didn't have that tinny taste, and it was just like fresh milk!

Shelf safe milk continues to be the most popular way to drink milk in Europe and many countries around the world (including the Philippines), because it stays safe on the shelf without preservatives (milk is flash-heated at higher temperatures to eliminate bacteria, then put into Tetra Pak shelf safe cartons, which protect the milk from air, light and other contaminants).

Shelf safe milk is finally gaining traction in the US, and I couldn't be happier.  Shelf safe milk makes it so easy to give my kids the calcium they need, wherever they are.  Here are some ways we use shelf safe milk:

* I add a box of milk to my kids' lunchboxes every day.

* I add boxes of milk to our picnic baskets when we go out for the day.

* We take boxes of milk and cereal when we travel and stay at hotels where breakfast isn't included -- that way we can have breakfast in our room every morning at a fraction of the cost of hotel breakfasts!

Lots of your favorite brands already offer a variety of milk products (flavored, fortified, organic, vegan substitutes, etc..) in Tetra Paks, both individual and family sizes:  Horizon Organic, Organic Valley, Hershey's, TrueMoo and more.  For a complete list, go to

Disclosure: I received product samples for review.  The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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