Leap Pad -- and oldie but goodie

I've been clearing out our playroom, and have been selling some of the kids' toys on Craigslist to make room for the Christmas and birthday toy haul. Since the kids received so many great new Leapfrog toys last year, I decided that their old Leap Pads would have to go. At first I planned to donate the toys because I didn't think anyone would buy them after so many years, but I posted them for sale anyway, just to see.

Boy was I wrong. Within hours my inbox was flooded with offers. I guess I shouldn't be so surprised -- my offer price was $1 per book/cartridge set, so it was quite a steal (they're on clearance, new, at the Leapfrog online store for $5.99 each). Even with all of Leapfrog's newer offerings, the Leap Pad is still a fabulous toy. It still makes learning to read fun, and it's still Leapfrog's original success story.

Damn, I should have asked for more money :)

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