Disney Photo Calendar

Our Disney Photopass calendar has just arrived, and we couldn't be more excited! What a great way for our kids to remember their first Disneyland vacation, all throughout 2009.

The Good

These calendars are super easy to create. You choose which photos to include (from your own uploads, your Disney PhotoPass photos or Disney's collection of stock photos). You can choose from several layouts. You can choose which month you start your calendar. You can even input personal holidays. All of this takes time, so in case some inconvenient task pops up (like feeding your kids dinner or helping with homework), you can save your project and come back to it later.

The Bad

This is actually a replacement calendar: somehow they screwed up the first one they sent us. Someone else's order got mixed in with ours -- instead of a March calendar page, we got a photo of a green lizard lady, and the other side, which was supposed to our April photo, was blank.

Maybe that just a fluke, but surely even Disney knows that people like a wider variety of layouts (only 1 background design per month, and the 2-photo layouts only take portrait photos, not landscape). I also hate having no full-screen preview of the calendar. Does anyone else hate having to scroll up and down to see your calendar, or is it just me?

The Bongga

Their customer service is first rate, just like it is at the Disneyland parks. When I emailed them about the defective calendar they sent, I received a response within a day. They immediately reprinted the calendar and mailed it out, no questions asked. They didn't even ask me to return the defective calendar, or ask me to send a photo of the defective page to prove I wasn't scamming them for a free calendar. For those not so trusting, see Lizard Lady below:
I didn't even have to return the defective calendar. So thanks to Disney's generous customer service, I now have 2 calendars, 1 for us and 1 for the grandparents. I just have to give it to them after April so they don't wonder what Lizard Lady is doing there.

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