The White Trash Mom Handbook

Could you be a White Trash Mom? Have you ever picked your child up late from school? Do you give them plain ol' PBJ sandwiches on white bread -- but are afraid to admit it in front of the other mothers who brag about serving only trans-fat-free, organic produce? If so, you may be a White Trash Mom -- so embrace it!

Written by mommyblogger Michelle Lamar, The White Trash Mom Handbook summarizes the philosophy of her popular White Trash Mom blog -- that perfection is just a myth that makes moms feel lousy -- and goes on to dish some parenting advice that's irreverent, down-to-earth, and always funny. This book is a great soul-refresher for anyone feeling like they're getting failing grades from the Universe-ity of Motherhood, because it reminds you that perfection is overrated and unachieveable -- and you are not alone. If you like Vicky Iovine's Girlfriends Guide books or anything by Erma Bombeck, you've love this book.

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