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At last Sunday's party, the Silicon Valley Moms bloggers got a preview of Leapfrog's latest and greatest education gaming products. It's pretty amazing how the line has grown since I first heard of the brand in 2000 (when when I received a photo of my niece hugging a stuffed Baby Tad).

Now they've got practically a whole aisle at Target, with products for kids from birth till age 8. There's all the infant toys and toddler toys, and the preschooler series (Clickstart, LeapPad, Little Leaps). They've got Tag and Leapster2 for the pre-K crowd, and Didj and Crammer for school-aged kids. Whew!

We also received an exclusive coupon that I'm sharing with you (I'm allowed -- I checked!). To receive $10 off any order of $50 or more at Leapfrog.com, use promotional code HY8BHPR at checkout (valid till November 15, 2008). Check back here for more of my Leapfrog product reviews, including the Didj and Crammer. And who knows..... I might even be able to arrange a little Leapfrog giveaway!

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