I-Dog Clip -- great for cool kids and uncool moms

All of a sudden, The Pea has become quite the Cool Girl among her circle of friends, and I've become something of a Cool Mom. Have we pierced both our navels? Had dinner with Miley Cyrus? Nope.... the reason for our status is the news (which Pea told to her best friend, who spread the news to their other friends) that I've received two brand spanking-new I-Dogs (the I-Dog Clip and I-Dog Dance) from Hasbro.

I had no idea these little doggies -slash- speakers were so popular (which shows how Un-Cool I actually am). The I-Dog Clip, the latest of the line, is shaped just like the regular I-Dog's head, complete with the poseable ears and face that lights up when you plug it into your portable music player and play music. Behind the head is a clip that allows you to attach the I-Dog Clip to your belt, backpack, bag or clothes. It's a fun little fashion accessory that allows kids to share music with their friends wherever they go.

My kids are fighting tooth and nail to claim ownership of the I-Dog Clip, but I'm keeping it for myself. This little dog will be coming along with us the next we travel. The next time we're stuck at an airport security line, I'm whipping out the iPod and I-Dog so all 3 kids can listen to a story or song at the same time. How practical is that? (See, told you I was Un-Cool).

(And what about the I-Dog Dance? Well, that's a subject for another day... it's so cute, it deserves its own post!)

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