Antarctica: The Global Warning

I won Antarctica: The Global Warning at a raffle. I was actually the runner-up for the grand prize: 2 tickets to a charity dinner featuring Matt Damon, Josh Groban and other celebs. I know, first runner-up is very important, if for any reason the winner cannot make it.... blahblahblah. So you can understand my initial disappointment.

This book actually makes a very nice consolation prize. The photographs are stunning. I remember thinking as I leafed through, I wish he hadn't played around with Photoshop so much. A bright blue iceberg amidst a black sea and an orange sky? Come on! The colors look so fake! Later on I read that he hadn't done any color editing at all, that Antarctica's color spectrum really is that rich in saturation. Wow!

I do agree with one reviewer on Amazon, there are so many images of iceberg upon iceberg, with no captions or context, that one tends to skim over the last half of the book. But unlike him, I found the text fascinating and I totally agree that humans are affecting global warming in a huge way. But whatever you think about the "Global Warning" part, you have to be impressed with the "Antarctica" part.

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Anonymous said...

I would say start praying for the first place winner not to show up but that would probably be futile. Who wouldn't take tickets to see Josh Groban!

Amazing Gracie on October 20, 2008 at 11:57 PM said...

Following from Photo Hunt:
Josh Groban - that's a concert I wouldn't want to miss, either!
Thanks for visiting, too.

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