Top 10 holiday treats at the Disneyland Resort

holiday treats at the Disneyland Resort

With Christmas right around the corner, it's probably not a good time to start that diet! Instead, focus on enjoying treats in moderation and getting some exercise. This holiday season, you can get plenty of both at the Disneyland Resort -- there's no shortage of adorable and yummy treats, and you have plenty of opportunity to walk some of those calories off at the parks. Below is my list of Top Ten sweet holiday treats. Each one is festive, adorable, delicious... and available only during the holidays.

10) Candy canes

The famous Disneyland candy canes are the only treats on this list that I haven't tried yet, but I'm including them because they are Number One on my list of Treats to Try. They are handmade at the Candy Palace (Disneyland) and Trolley Treats (Disney California Adventure) and they sell out every day. People line up to buy them even before the parks open! Once the park opens, people in line get a numbered wristband with a return time to pick up their candy canes (one per person).
holiday treats at the Disneyland Resort

9) Candy cane beignets

Doughnuts are 3Po's favorite dessert, so we've enjoyed many a Disneyland doughnut. My favorites are the Mickey-shaped beignets, served with vanilla cream. Their holiday version features crushed candy canes sprinkled on top along with powdered sugar!

8) Shortbread cookies

Warning: Disneyland's frosted shortbread cookies are addicting. I prefer to get the freshly ones at Marceline's as opposed to the ones already shrink wrapped in plastic. The prewrapped ones look just as cute, but they are drier.
holiday treats at the Disneyland Resort

7) Chocolate peppermint shake

Cars Land is full of sweet merri-mint this holiday season. I love chocolate mint milkshakes, and Flo's V8 Cafe has just the thing. They are serving up peppermint candy cane shakes as well as chocolate peppermint pie.

6) Cupcakes

Disneyland cupcakes are enormous! These holiday Santa and snowflake designs have a bigger dollop of frosting than usual, so make sure you have someone to share it with!
holiday treats at the Disneyland Resort

5) Rice Krispy Treats

Who doesn't love a rice krispy treat? They seem lighter and less decadent somehow; I guess it's because they don't have the cream, and butter that so many other desserts do. They're just straight up sugar!
holiday treats at the Disneyland Resort

4) Cake pops

If all you want is a bite-sized treat, get the cake pops. They are just right for smaller appetites or for hungry diners who still have a bit of room for dessert.
holiday treats at the Disneyland Resort

3) Caramel apple

Disneyland's holiday designs for caramel apples include Mickey, Minnie, Jack Skellington, Olaf, snowmen, snowflakes, and Christmas tree ornaments. They are almost too pretty to eat! Almost.
holiday treats at the Disneyland Resort

2) Marshmallow wand

I am a big fan of Disneyland's marshmallow wands. That combination of chocolate, caramel, and marshmallow is irresistible! During the holidays, they coat the chocolate with crushed peppermint candy pieces, which makes it even more delicious.
holiday treats at the Disneyland Resort

1) Gingerbread men

My number one, all-time favorite holiday treat at the Disneyland Resort is gingerbread men! They are the most delicious gingerbread men I have ever tasted. I have seen two versions: one kind is shaped like a gingerbread man wearing a Mickey ear hat, and the hat is dipped in chocolate. The second kind is a regular gingerbread man. I prefer the regular one because it is dipped in a thin glaze with keeps the cookie moist and sweet throughout. The gingerbread is slightly spicy, and very sweet. It is soft and moist and chewy and Omigod I wish I was eating one right now.
holiday treats at the Disneyland Resort

Enjoy these holiday treats at the Disneyland Resort until January 8, 2018! What's YOUR favorite sweet holiday treat at the Disneyland Resort?
holiday treats at the Disneyland Resort

Disclosure: We received press tickets to visit the Disneyland Resort. The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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