Summer Fun at California's Great America

Summer is halfway over, and if you haven't been to California's Great America yet, you're missing out! We spent the first half of summer traveling, but now that we're home, visits to California's Great America are definitely on our agenda. In fact, we already have season passes! Even if we weren't able to use our season passes for the first half of the summer, there's still plenty of time to enjoy all the rides and attractions at Great America. And since the season pass is good all the way through December, we get to enjoy Great America for many more months to come. That includes Halloween Haunt and Winterfest.... but I'm getting ahead of myself. There's so much summer fun to be had!

One of the best things about California's Great America during the summer is Boomerang Bay. There are times we go to the park just for Boomerang Bay! It's such a fun way to keep cool when the temperatures soar. It's by far our favorite water park in the Bay Area.  Whether you enjoy plunging down slides...

... or floating lazily on a river....

... or getting dunked while climbing on a playground, Boomerang Bay is the place to go.

Of course there are all the great Great America rides, including the meanest, fastest wooden roller coaster in the Wild Wild West, Gold Rush.

My kids adore Tiki Twirl. It's probably the only spinning ride that I enjoy, so I take advantage and ride it whenever I can!

This ride is NOT for the faint of heart. My kids could probably ride this all day long.

The double decker carousel is a perennial favorite, whether you're 2, 12, 22, or any age. The kids all have their favorite animals, and it makes a nice shady break. An added bonus: there's rarely any line!

California's Great America also has a lot of carnival games and shows, so there's plenty to keep kids entertained all day, every day. Our season pass is so worth it!

Disclosure: The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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