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Disclosure: I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Sprint. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for my participation The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

I've been a Sprint customer since 1998, and over the past 17 years, I've seen so many great new technologies change the way we live, work, and connect.  Sprint has been at the forefront of all of them, and that commitment to innovation is one of the reasons I've never left. My Sprint plans have changed with the times, from talk plans to talk and text, then data, unlimited data, and family share plans. My phones have changed with the times, from an old push button phone to the clamshell to the slide-out keyboard to the smartphones of today.  There has been so much change in the world of hi-tech communications, what could possibly come next?


Last week I got the chance to find out as Sprint invited me and several other bloggers to check out their latest plans, devices, and services.  We met at the Sprint store in San Mateo, which also happened to be a Radio Shack store -- did you know that Sprint has bought out 1400 Radio Shack stores around the country?  Given Radio Shack's commitment to technology and neighborhood presence, it's actually a great match.


Listening to the representatives talk about Sprint's latest and greatest has really made me glad that I'm still with Sprint. Here are some of my favorites:

Sprint To Go

Sprint Direct 2 You

If you're too busy to go to a Sprint store, take advantage of their new Direct 2 You service -- just order your phone and your plan online, then a Sprint customer service rep will bring your phone to you! They'll literally drive to wherever you are (wherever the Direct 2 You service is available) and help you set up your phone -- transfer your contacts, your photos, your files, etc.. and make sure you can use your phone right away. What a convenience!  Even better, it won't cost you anything extra!

Sprint Prepaid

If you have a relative coming abroad to visit, or if you're starting your child out on a cell phone plan, check out Sprint Prepaid, Boost Mobile, or Virgin Mobile. All 3 run on the Sprint network, and they have talk-text-data plans starting at $35 per month. The phones associated with these plans are very affordable, some as low at just $50!

Sprint iPhone Forever

Sprint iPhone

If you're an iPhone fan, you'll love Sprint's iPhone Forever plan. Trade in your current device (whatever the brand) and get the iPhone 6s for just $15 per month (the iPhone 6s Plus is $19 per month). When the next model of the iPhone comes out, you hand in your current iPhone, get the newest model, and keep paying the rate you're paying. You don't need a down payment, and you get to enjoy the latest and greatest iPhone!

Latest and Greatest devices

iPhones aren't the only hi-tech offerings at Sprint -- they also have all the latest Android devices such as Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, HTC M9, and LG G4. I'm an Android devotee myself, and since it's about time for me to upgrade my phone I've been checking out the Samsung S6 (my daughter has an S5 which she loves) and the HTC M9 (My last 2 phones have been HTC).

Sprint LG G4 smartphone

But Sprint had a surprise in store for us -- each blogger received a new LG G4 to try out!  The LG G4 is noted for its amazing 16 megapixel camera; in fact one of the Sprint store managers said that when his boss tried out the G4, he ended up selling his iPhone 6 and switching to the G4, it was that good. Getting a better camera is the main reason I want to upgrade my phone, and the G4 is definitely a step up from my old camera, and below are a few photos (completely unretouched) to prove it:

lunch at 3 San Mateo

Be sure to check out Sprint online or on Facebook for more details on these great services, plans, and phones.

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