Papa Murphy's introduces new Pan Pizza

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Having 3 kids with after school activities means that dinner is usually a rush affair.  Wednesday nights are particularly challenging because The Pea's dance classes end pretty late, so pretty much every Wednesday night is pizza night. We get $5 takeout pizza which is okay, I guess, but it always cools down to a lukewarm temperature by the time we get home.  That's why I like Papa Murphy's Take 'N Bake Pizza.  You know it's been made fresh instead of sitting in a freezer, and you bake it in your own oven, so everyone can enjoy it piping hot.  Papa Murphy's used to have a location just about halfway between our home and The Pea's dance studio, which made things super convenient, but sadly that location closed down, and now our nearest Papa Murphy's is about 10 miles away.

I was more than happy, however, to make the 10 mile drive to sample Papa Murphy's latest pizza offering: their new Take 'N Bake Pan Pizza.  I love pan pizza, and I've never really thought the frozen pan pizzas have matched up to pan pizza from a pizza joint -- so I was definitely ready to try it out.  Their Pan Pizza is made with Papa Murphy's yummy sauce and cheese and toppings, but has a thick, buttery crust that is so good, you can eat it all by itself!  Right now their Pan Pizza comes in large size only, with just 1 topping for $9.99.  I didn't bother calling ahead, so I was able to see the guy make my 2 pizzas from scratch:
Papa Murphy's pan pizza

The pizza is placed in a disposable tin, wrapped in plastic wrap and sealed with cooking instructions.  The guy reminded me to keep the pizza level at all times because the crust had a lot of butter and it might spill out of the pan.
Papa Murphy's pan pizza

Since only 1-topping pan pizzas were available, I added extra toppings (mushrooms and peppers to go with the sausage).  The pizza baked up perfect and golden and yummy and delicious!  One large pizza slices up into 6 huge portions, so it's perfect for our family of five.  I love knowing it's made fresh, without any preservatives or extra sodium (speaking of sodium, Alfie thought our sausage pizza was way too salty, but thought our pineapple pizza was just perfect -- so if you're watching your sodium intake, skip the sausage!).  Alfie loves having a piping hot pizza straight out of the oven.  The kids love the thick crust and fight like animals for that 6th slice!
Papa Murphy's pan pizza

This tastes sooo much better than the Ready-To-Go pizza we pick up every Wednesday. I swear, if our old Papa Murphy's was still in its old location, I'd dump our current pizza place in an instant and every Wednesday would be Pan Pizza Night with Papa Murphy's!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.  The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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