How to throw a HEXBUG bug-themed party

HEXBUG Nano V2 party
I received product samples for review

Who would have thought that something so small would turn out to be such a big thing? The new HEXBUG Nano V2 takes the concept of battery-operated bugs upside-down.  Not only can these tiny robotic creatures scurry forwards, backwards, and side to side, they can even go up, down, and upside-down!  The Nano V2 bugs are HEXBUG's latest and greatest creations, and they're guaranteed to captivate a whole new generation of kids.

If you have a budding entymologist with a birthday coming up, a HEXBUG-themed party is the perfect way to celebrate.  Any child who goes buggy for bugs will love it, and parents will love it because it's so easy:  Just put out a bunch HEXBUG Nano V2's and a few HEXBUG playsets, and the kids will entertain themselves!  The HEXBUG team sent us enough Nano V2 bugs and play sets to host a fun party for 3Po, Jammy and their friends.  Here's a recap of everything that went on at our party; feel free to use and adapt the ideas for your own bug-themed party!

We had our party in our back yard, so I figured the abundance of green grass and leaves would take care of 99% of the need for decor :)   Fortunately, it's really easy to decorate for a bug-themed party: just have your child draw giant butterflies on construction paper, cut them out and tape them up on a wall.  Green or bug-printed tablecloths and partyware round out the theme nicely.  You could even face paint butterflies and bugs on your guests so they can be part of the decor!
Finally, consider an accent piece such as tissue pompom bumblebees hanging from an umbrella, or a Hungry Caterpillar balloon sculpture.

Hungry Caterpillar wall decor:  Blow up 10 green balloons and 1 red balloon, then tape the balloons up on a wall, in a curvy line, with the red balloon at one end.  Tape black construction paper eyes and antennae onto the red balloon, and black construction paper feet onto the green balloons, and you've got Eric Carle's Hungry Caterpillar!

The best part about hosting a HEXBUG party is that the guests can entertain themselves for hours!   Using the play sets included in our HEXBUG Nano V2 party pack, we built half a dozen bug habitats, and the boys let their bugs loose.  There were enough configurations to keep all the boys busy, and they spent quite a bit of time reconfiguring the habitats into their own crazy, twisted pathways.  I didn't even have to plan any party games, because they ended up making their own.  Here are a few they enjoyed the most:

Race to the Top
Build a two-level HEXBUG Nano V2 habitat.  Give each child a HEXBUG Nano V2 bug. Let the bugs loose at the bottom of the habitat at the same time, and see which one reaches the highest point first!
HEXBUG Nano V2 party

Bug Swarm
See how many HEXBUG Nano V2 bugs you can cram into a single Nano V2 tube!
HEXBUG Nano V2 party

Young muscles can get cramped from crouching around a HEXBUG habitat for hours, so I also set out a few outdoor toys for some active fun.  Here are a couple of activities you can customize to fit a bug party theme:

Sting like a Bee:  Set up a foam target at one end of your driveway and set up a Stomp Rocket about 5 feet away.  Launch your stomp rocket (make sure no-one is near the target!) and see which "stingers" hit the target!

Swat the Fly: Also known as badminton!  All you need is a spider web (badminton net), fly (shuttlecock) and fly swatters (badminton rackets).  Encourage your bug hunters to swat the fly, then stand back and enjoy the fun.

Caterpillar Grapes: Slide red and green grapes onto a wooden skewer to make a sweet, healthy treat.
HEXBUG Nano V2 party

Worms and Dirt cupcakes: Dip frosted chocolate cupcakes into a bowl filled with chocolate graham cracker crumbs, then top with a gummy worm.
HEXBUG Nano V2 party

Another great thing about hosting a HEXBUG party is that the main party activity also doubles as a goodie bag.  Our guests got to choose 3 HEXBUGs each, and we split up the playsets so that each child could have their own HEXBUG habitats to play with at home.
HEXBUG Nano V2 party

Everyone had a lot of fun, and it was hard to break the party up.  Even the grownups who arrived to pick up their kids were amazed at how the Nano V2's could shimmy up and down all those tubes.  3Po and Jammy really enjoyed introducing what might be the holiday season's hottest toy to their friends!
HEXBUG Nano V2 party

For more information about HEXBUG Nano V2, check out their website and Facebook page.  And check out the amazing things these little critters can do on YouTube and Instagram!
HEXBUG Nano V2 party

Disclosure: I received a product samples from HEXBUG (via Cohn Wolfe) to facilitate the writing of this post, but have not been paid to review the product or give my opinions. The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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