Rayman Legends: My boys' new favorite game

3Po and Jammy help me review new videogame releases several times a year.  For the most part, they love the games I ask them to review -- not that they have low standards, but because I already have a good idea of what they like.  It's easy to predict that they'll like videogames that feature brands I'm familiar with (Disney, Mario, LEGO, Little Big Planet, Kirby, etc..).

But sometimes I go with gut feel and accept reviews for videogames featuring brands that I know nothing about.  Sometimes that strategy bombs, and they are simply not interested in the videogame.  Other times, it's a huge success, as is the case with our latest review, Rayman Legends.  Of course, it turns out that Rayman Legends is a sequel to Rayman Origins, which is one of Ubisoft's most popular titles, not just with kids but with older gamers....  but I didn't know that!

I had no idea what Rayman Legends was, but the graphics looked cute and the storyline looked interesting... and I was completely unprepared by how much 3Po and Jammy loved the videogame!  The graphics are amazing, the characters are adorable, and it's good, clean fun they can enjoy with their friends.  In fact, their friends are all trying to schedule playdates at our house now so they can get a chance to play Rayman Legends on the PS Vita and PS 3.  I love it when a gamble pays off, and I get to discover a great new game for the kids!

Game Synopsis
Following Rayman Origins, our heroes take a 100-year nap, allowing nightmares to infest the Glade of Dreams. Once Rayman awakes from this mysterious sleep, he must set off on a new adventure with his friends to restore order in the universe. Rayman Legends features a wide range of gameplay, including traditional Rayman platforming action and new music rhythm-based stages. The award-winning team of artists, designers and composers has also returned with an advanced UbiArt engine to include multi-dimension gameplay elements, an improved lighting system and updated game rendering that elevate Rayman’s previous graphics to the next level. 

Rayman Legends is available for the Xbox 360® video game entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation® 3 computer entertainment system and Wii U™ at the manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $59.99 and for PC and PlayStation® Vita at the manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $39.99.

For more information on Rayman Legends, please visit: www.raymanlegends.com

And for the latest on all of Ubisoft's games, visit the UbiBlog: http://www.ubiblog.com

Disclosure:  I received a product sample to facilitate my review, but have not been paid to review the product or give my opinions. Product information (in italics) is provided by UbiSoft. The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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