Meet Saige, American Girl of the Year 2013

Happy 2013!  For my first review post of the New Year, I decided to go with what else but American Girl's new Girl of the Year, Saige Copeland.  Horse lovers who didn't get a chance to collect Nicki, American Girl's 2007 Girl of the Year doll, will be delighted to know that Saige also loves to ride horses.  Saige is also the first Girl of the Year artist, a fact that my daughter is really excited about.  We gave The Pea a painting set much like Saige's own Paint Set, complete with easel, canvas and supplies, for Christmas this year, so when American Girl sent us Saige to review, it was the perfect complement to The Pea's present.  It also gave me the chance to take some close-up photos of Saige for everyone to enjoy!  Check them out:

Saige has turquoise eyes and long, wavy auburn hair.  She has a smattering of freckles over her nose and cheeks.  I think the freckles are a sweet touch that make her seem like a real girl!

Saige's hair comes styled in a twist braid.  It's a nice style and length, but I wish they had included a nicer elastic band!  I don't expect this style to last too long in its pristine state before it starts frizzing up, so we'll probably set it in a tighter braid after a few weeks.

I'm totally in love with Saige's outfit!  I think it's the best GOTY outfit to date.  The cut and color of Saige's dress is superb.  The 2-tiered skirt is a classic look, and the dress looks like something a real kid could wear: so pretty, yet so comfortable and practical. The shade of blue complements Saige's hair perfectly, and the splash of color (note: the design is embroidered, not beaded) on the hipline gives the dress a nice visual focus point.

Saige's ring bears a closer look: it's an oval turquoise ring that anyone would love to own.  The ring is adjustable so it can fit on Saige's thumb, pinkie or index finger, but pry it open carefully so the metal doesn't break.  I'm going to look for a silver chain or turquoise ribbon so we can tie the ring around Saige's neck like a cameo and hopefully avoid losing this teeny tiny gem of an accessory!

I actually own a pair of boots that look almost exactly like Saige's!  Mine are suede and they only come up to my lower calves, but obviously American Girl and I share the same good taste :)

Saige is the first GOTY to come with ears already pierced, along with a pair of silver flower earrings.  So cute!  Saige's Accessory Set comes with even more beautiful earrings and jewelry -- you can check out the entire Saige line at Americangirlcom.

Disclosure: I received a sample doll to review, courtesy of American Girl. The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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