Coke goes to the Olympics

When I left the US for our UK vacation in early July, Olympic fever had not yet hit America, but it was already going strong in the host country. The Olympics is everywhere, and so are their major sponsors: Coca-Cola, Visa, McDonald's, Panasonic, Samsung, P&G, Lloyds TSB, and more. I've had a lot of fun finding and photographing products of Olympics sponsors, especially when they feature not only the Olympics logo, but some other clever Olympics-themed design. Take Coca-Cola, for instance; their Olympics-themed drink packaging design is a work of art!

This can's design has got to be unique to the UK, since it sports the Union Jack as its focal point.   The colors of the Olympic rings surround it, and last of all is Coca-Cola red. Nice design!

These Coke bottles have a similar design, with different sports (rhythmic gymnastics and hurdling) featured on the bottle.  I can easily see this design being adapted for different countries -- even the sports logos could be varied, depending on the sports that are popular in each country.

These gorgeous aluminum Coke bottles are what inspired me to start collecting Olympics-themed Coke containers in the first place.  Coke was handing these out at the festival commemorating the arrival of the Olympic torch in Salisbury last month. You can see the Olympic flame in the design and it looks gorgeous.  I really like how Coke has completely removed their own logo and focused on the Olympics.

....well, at least for one side, anyway!  The Pea wants to take these home to show her friends because they are so nice.

You know for sure that the Olympics has gotten to you when you drag your kids halfway across London just for a Coke bottle.  But these aren't just any bottles, these are Special Edition, Limited Availability, World Exclusive, diamond coke bottles.  Okay, they aren't made of diamonds, but they are  gold Coke bottles that are only being sold at the high-end London department store Selfridges.  I bought one bottle, which will go back to the US and join The Pea's Olympic Coke bottle collection.  Three bottles is admittedly a small collection, but there will be other Olympics and more Olympic Coke bottles!

What do the Coke bottles and cans look like in your country?

Disclosure: I was not solicited to write this post by Coca-Cola or any of their affiliates.  I did not receive a sample or monetary compensation for this post. The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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justicecw on August 2, 2012 at 9:28 PM said...

Love the aluminum bottles...very cool!

Emily on August 4, 2012 at 10:47 PM said...

The UK Coke can looks very nice! The ones we have here in Canada have a much smaller British flag on it. I have similar aluminum bottles from when the torch came through our town on it's way to Vancouver last winter olympics. I've been collecting since I was a teenager in the late 80's but I don't have a huge collection. I try to keep only the really interesting ones, like the Olympics or from other countries I've been to.

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