American Girl's Secret Wardrobe app for iOS

Here's a girly twist on Tetris -- American Girl's Secret Wardrobe app has players scrambling to catch falling clothes and accessories and dragging them to their matching boxes.  In this app, American Girl historical characters Marie-Grace and Cecile need help getting dressed for the masquerade ball.  As the game begins, all the pieces the girls need for their costumes are lined up in boxes on either side of the screen, and a variety of pieces begin falling from the top of the screen.  Players have to drag the correct pieces into the correct boxes.

Unlike Tetris, no points are deducted if a costume piece falls onto the floor, but if you drag a costume piece into the wrong box, you'll get a big red X.  After 3 mistakes, the game is over.  After you've dragged all the costume pieces necessary to complete Marie-Grace and Cecile's costumes, you move on to the next level.  All your mistakes are erased, and you start fresh, so it's easy to rack up points.  It's lighthearted fun, good for a couple of minutes of girly play.

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