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I love personalized tote bags, but these days it seems that everyone is already lugging around the same square canvas bag, with colored canvas straps and a monogram or name embroidered in the same color as the straps. So I was delighted to discover the huge selection of personalized styles at online retailer Simply Bags, and even more delighted to be invited to review one of their bags.

The Basics
Simply Bags makes personalized bags in a variety of styles, colors and fabrics. You can find them at

Here's how Simply Bags describes themselves:
Simply Bags is a specialty monogram shop offering personalized tote bags and monogrammed totes. Beautiful, personal and useful gifts. Colorful and bright combinations. Creative gift ideas ... unique laptop totes for women, couples wine tote, fashionable travel totes, monogrammed boat totes for the beach and so much more. Finished with fine detailing and professional monogramming.

The Bongga
I am simply delighted with Simply Bags! Their bags are anything but simple. They have a great choice of styles, ranging from the ubiquitous canvas tote to travel totes, lunch bags, duffel bags, beach bags, laptop bags, you name it. They come in so many cute colors and fabrics and patterns, and you can personalize any of them.

Simply Bags sent us an adorable Canvas Boat Tote in hot pink. The bag is so unique -- it has rope handles and black-and-white web striping, and I had The Pea's name embroidered on it in a black classic font.

The bag is huge, so The Pea can take it to sleepovers or to the beach or to a friend's house for a playdate (yes, she needs a bag this large for playdates because she has to take all her play paraphernalia!). It is so stylish and we've already received so many compliments on it that I kind of wish I had put my own name on it!

The Blah
The bag's handles are made of twisted rope that has been knotted at the ends so it doesn't slip out of the grommets. I love this detailing, but the ends of the rope have untwisted and frayed, and I'm a bit concerned that the rest of the rope might un-twist itself as well -- so I hot glued the ends. Alfie says you can also burn the edges so they melt into each other. Problem solved!

The Bottom Line
Simply Bags has a great line of personalized bags, with unique styles and high quality details. I've never seen such a great selection of cute personalized bags. What a wonderful gift idea!

Disclosure: I received a product sample, but was not paid to review the product or give my opinions. Unless clearly stated, the views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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