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Spinmaster's Bakugan is the hot toy for boys. But what about for girls? The Liv fashion dolls, Spinmaster's latest offering for girls, have got some unique features that really make them stand out from the crowd. We received a sample Liv Doll (Sophie, the blond hairdresser) to review; here's what we thought:

The Basics
Here's a description of the Liv Dolls from Spinmaster:
The Liv dolls -- Daniela, Sophie, Katie and Alexis -- are real teenage girls with trend-setting styles and cool features like easy to change wigs, 14 points of articulation so you can create lots of great poses, and real glass-like eyes that add to their amazing look! Just like the average teenager, the Liv girls are fun, funny BFF's who each have distinct personalities, likes, dislikes, and they all face the same challenges of growing up as girls everywhere! Don't forget to check out where you can hang out with the girls online and visit their online diaries, virtual closets, photo albums, webisodes and more. All Liv dolls and accessory packs come with a unique access code for the site, that all unlock additional play features online.

The Bongga
Sophie is quite a pretty little doll, and I love her stylish yet wholesome look. Any doll that doesn't have that made-up, pouty, self-entitled Bratz doll look gets a thumbs-up from me! The wigs and hair-changing aspect make the Liv dolls quite different from all the rest, and give a whole new dimension to my daughter's play. Now she can change her doll's hairstyle without cutting it all off!

The Blah
The same multiple-points-of-articulation that make the Liv Doll so flexible and fun to pose also makes her easy to break. Sophie's joints are pretty sturdy, but I can easily imagine her wrist being twisted off by an overeager little girl. Also, make sure your daughter has a safe place to keep all the wigs, because a bald Liv doll might be a bit freaky.

The Bottom Line
Liv Dolls are fashion dolls that parents can feel good about giving to their little girls. Just ask them to watch the wrists!

I received a sample in order to review this product, but no monetary compensation. The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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jayme on December 20, 2009 at 6:44 PM said...

i bought my lil girl one and gave it to her as an early christmas present; i was VERY freaked out by it's extremely short, painted on hair underneath the wig. my nine-year-old, with wisdom oftentimes greater than mine, excitedly said, 'ohhhh i'ma name her kristina!!,' which is the name of my dear friend who has battled breast cancer all year. i'm getting her girls one of these dolls for christmas and wish i could buy them for every baby who has had to suffer chemo or had a parent who they've watched lose their hair and be thrown into the world of wigs. thanks spinmaster. i love them for the lessons that they teach, whether the creators meant them to teach anything or not. the doll doesn't freak me out anymore at all. now i think she's beautiful.

Anonymous said...

went on the website and couldn't find a place to enter anything? any suggestions?

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