Play-Doh Spaghetti Factory -- Oodles (and noodles) of fun!

In my opinion, Play-Doh is both a blessing and a curse. Here's my lame poetic attempt to explain why....

Play-Doh can be a real Godsend.
It keeps kids busy for hours on end.
It's not a video game.
But kids love it just the same!

It develops fine motor skills
And a good imagination
It even smells great
It's a squishy sensation!

But I must confess --
I hate the mess.
Bits everywhere.
On your clothes. In your hair.

But the kids love their Play-Doh!
What's a mom to do?
Listen well
I have two tips for you:

Let the Play-Doh dry.
Then take a vacuum.
And suck those suckers out of your room.
Or take the Play-Doh outside
So the bits have nowhere to hide.

You can keep your house clean
All summer long.
Play-Doh's the best
Millions of kids can't be wrong.

Yes, I know, I'm not holding my breath for that Poet Laureate nomination. Besides, I can't think of any more rhyming words. So I'll have to wax poetic about Play-Doh's latest set -- the Play-Doh Spaghetti factory -- in prose.

We were so happy to receive this latest playset from Play-Doh to review. With a fun pasta extruder, two ravioli molds and over 25 molds, kids can make all kinds of yummy Play-Doh pasta dishes to serve to their parents. Kids can finally release their inner chef! And it goes perfectly with the Play-Doh Magic Swirl Ice Cream Shoppe playset that I reviewed last year!

There's a lot to like about the new Play-Doh Spagetti Factory. 3Po and Jammy liked the pasta extruder and the plastic playmat with pictures of food that they could copy. And they were so proud of the pasta dishes they made:

I liked 2 things about this playset in particular:

* The play pieces in the Play-Doh Spaghetti Factory have multiple uses. For example, the spoon and fork have holes in the handle so if more than one child is playing, the child who's not having a turn with the pasta maker can still make his own pasta by pushing some Play-Doh through the spoon or fork holes. Also, the 2 pasta molds serve as a bowl and plate to hold any finished creations.

* When playtime is over, the Spaghetti Factory can be disassembled for easy cleaning and easy, compact storage. This was one of my main complaints about past Play-Doh equipment, so I'm really psyched that Play-Doh got it right this time.

This Play-Doh set is definitely more of a blessing than a curse, and now that I've realized cleanup is a breeze when you take it outside, I'm so happy we have it in our summer toy box!

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