Global Wonders: Music to My Ears

When I received a sneak preview cd of Global Wonders: Around the World cd, I didn't have to play it to know it was going to be good. because we already own one of their DVD's (Global Wonders). I love the cultural awareness that these DVD's foster and we all thought the music was great, so I figured we'd love the cd too.

Of course we did pop it into our cd player, and it did not disappoint. The songs are a mix of favorites from around the world and original music. They're culturally authentic; Alfie and I had a great time figuring out each song's country of origin (I won). They're also light enough for kids to enjoy and short enough to hold their interest. My kids were so proud to be able to identify the Indian, Hawaiian, Irish and American songs, and they didn't stop listening to the music and looking at the track list until they could remember which country each song came from.

We've been listening to Global Wonders for less than 2 weeks and we've already got favorites. Mine, hands down, is the Cuban track Ay Mujer. I love, love, love dancing salsa and merengue, and this song has such a catchy beat that it's difficult for me not to get up and dance. The Pea feels the same way about The Great Irish Gallop; she can't stop skipping and hopping and pretending she's auditioning for Riverdance. Alfie is partial to the sweet Nawlin sounds of When the Saints Go Marching In, and 3Po and Jammy like the Hawaiian Tiki Dance.

Global Wonders: Around the World Music was just released on May 26 at and other retailers, and I highly recommend it for your child's musical library (or your own!). It's really a wonderful sampler of global music, but to me it does a whole lot more than entertain. My kids are learning that music comes in all flavors and colors, and, like everything else, if they give it a chance, all of it can be sweet to their ears. I love knowing that my kids are going to grow up and hear a great many styles of music , andthey won't think it sounds weird and "foreign" (I hate that word) to them because they've heard it all before. Thanks, Global Wonders, for helping my kids grow up to be citizens of the world!

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