Trim - it trims calories, not taste

It's a sad fact of life: for grownups, at least, fruit juice is a diet wrecker. Even though I don't think anyone got fat from drinking too much fruit juice (I'm talking 100% juice here, not any sugar-filled crap), if you want to lose weight, chugging fruit juice is not the way to go. Every sensible diet and healthy lifestyle books says it: eat the fruit, don't drink the juice. Fruit juice is too concentrated in calories, if you're going to have fruit, get some fiber with it.

But I do love me some fruit juice. My kids usually have at least 1 serving of fruit in the form of fruit juice every day and every day I find myself sneaking sips of their juice. The good folks at Tree Top have taken pity of my lack of willpower and sent me some samples of their latest product, Trim. Trim is a new low-calorie fruit beverage designed to help moms like me wean themselves off their kids' apple juice maintain a healthy lifestyle. Apparently each 8-ounce serving of Trim contains:

* One full fruit serving
* 3 grams of fiber to help you feel full
* Chromium to promote a healthy metabolism
* L-Carnitine to help you burn fat

I don't remember feeling full after drinking the Trim samples, nor can I vouch for the effects on my metabolism, but I do think they've captured that real fruit flavor and texture. I could pass on their Blueberry Pomegranate and Strawberry Kiwi flavors (I've never really liked those combinations), but the Mango Peach flavor was divine. It tasted just like real fruit juice, the kind they squeeze fresh for you at hotels in Hawaii. If I close my eyes I can even imagine a poolboy named Pablo handing me a glass of Mango Peach Trim with a little paper umbrella tacked onto the rim. You can keep your apple juice, kids -- I can hardly wait to try the Tangerine Pineapple!

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