Gotta get me some Lovin

Lovin' Scoopful, that is! I had the chance to taste some ice cream at the Maria Shriver book signing event I attended. I know it doesn't look like Maria Shriver ever eats ice cream, but she and her brother Tim actually founded the company that makes it. They donate 25% of the profits to the Special Olympics (which was founded by their mother, Eunice Kennedy Shriver).

The ice cream itself is delicious. They had all 5 flavors available but I decided not to be piggy and only tried 3: Cozy Vanilla, Caramel Chocolate Heaven, and What the Fudge. WTF!!! was my favorite; their vanilla was, well, vanilla, and I found the caramel overly sweet (which, for a sweet-tooth caramel-lover like me, is saying something). But the texture was great: it was pleasantly creamy, not watery.

Low fat, low cal, low guilt. High in taste, high in social awareness. Suffice it to say, it's now on my favorite "healthy" ice cream list (which also includes Skinny Cow and Dreyers Churned Light).

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