Power up your parties with Batman Power Attack

When I was a child I loved watching the Batman TV series starring Adam West, but until recently I've been reluctant to let my kids watch the Batman movies, because they are so dark and gory.  The Batman TV series and cartoons of yesterday were so much more wholesome, so much more campy, almost comic (remember the BAM!!  WHAM!!  KA-POW!!!  onscreen graphics?!).

That's why it's so nice to see the new Batman Power Attack line of Batman action figures geared for younger kids.  They're not just collectible items, they're meant to be played with.  The Batman Power Attack figures are sturdy (but not chunky, so 8-year-olds know they're obviously not meant for 4-year-olds), with exaggerated features and brighter colors.  True to their name, each action figure is poseable and comes with weapons so kids can give free reign to their imagination.  The deluxe figures also feature more sophisticated weapons and motions, like karate kicks or flip-open chain saws.

Last week I hosted a Batman Power Pack party for 3Po, Jammy and 8 of their friends.  MomSelect Parties generously provided everything we needed: Batman plates, cups, napkins, tablecloths, balloons, goody bags and Batman Power Attack toys galore!

All the boys were so excited when they saw everything.  Each one quickly chose an action figure and began playing.  I doubt whether any of these boys have watched the Adam West Batman series, but I could hear lots of BAMs, WHAMs and KA-POWs all afternoon.

We played Pin the Bat-Signal on Batman in order to see who would win the deluxe Batman Power Attack action figures and Batmobile.

The boys lined up all the figures up to admire them and debate which figure had the most awesome powers or weapons.

That line of action figures quickly became a target range as the boys brought out the Nerf blasters and had an arcade style game of Knock Over Batman. Oh well, boys will be boys.

The targets quickly evolved from the plastic kind to the human kind, but I put a stop to that, so they contented themselves with posing in front of the window and seeing who could come up with the most  superhero-like pose.

The party pack also had a DVD of Batman The Brave and The Bold cartoon series, so the boys grabbed their toys and settled down to watch a couple of episodes.

My young superheroes need to power up between activities, so I set up a snack table where they could refuel on popcorn, juice and graham crackers.

At the end of the day each boy got to take home a Batman goody bag along with his new Batman Power Attack figure, featuring fun trinkets like a sticker, whistle, door hanger, squirt gun and disc launcher (the squirt gun and disc launcher were big hits!).

The party was a smashing success! All the boys had a blast -- a high powered blast, to be exact. Two hours passed by in the blink of an eye; even better, there were no hurt feelings, tears, broken furniture, whines of boredom or headaches for mom!   Our party proved it: forget bouncy houses and magicians or ponies.  The only thing you need to host a successful party for 5-8 year old boys is a bunch of Batman Power Attack action figures and a Batman DVD!

Disclosure: I received  product samples, party decor, and party favors via MomSelect Parties in to facilitate my review, but have not been paid to review the product or give my opinions. The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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