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Our holiday break starts in exactly 2 weeks, and I'm starting to freak out about toy shopping.  Once the kids are out of school there won't be any opportunity for me to shop for their presents, so it has to be done, like, YESTERDAY.  I don't have the time to bother with guessing what it is they want, so I've asked them to give me a list of options that I can choose from.

To help organize my holiday shopping, eBay invited me to check out their new Facebook app, the Holiday Gift Shop.  Not only can my kids create their own toy lists, I can also create my own lists of everyone I'm buying presents for, with possible gifts for each of them.  I asked each of my kids to create a Toy List, and they had a lot of fun browsing through the suggestions and dragging each item onto their list!

Your child can choose from a variety of toys, categorized to make things easy to find (WARNING:  For some reason only The Pea's toy list had the categories; any subsequent toy lists we created only listed All Toys, so it was really inconvenient to have to search through so many toys.  I have not yet been able to figure out how to switch from an All Toys view to a Category view -- bear this in mind if you have more than one child!!).  Once they find a toy they like, they simply drag it onto their toy list.

Once they click "Send to North Pole", it creates "Letter to Santa" that you can share with friends and family on Facebobok (you can edit which Facebook groups or friends receive the list, or you can specify individual recipients).  They'll receive a shareable list with links to purchase the item on eBay.

You'll also get 2 emails sent to your Facebook email:

* one email is addressed to your child, from the North Pole, confirming the items on his wish list.

* one email contains your child's wish list, with links to buy the items on eBay, that you can forward via email to family and friends (this is great if you don't want to do it through Facebook, or if grandma has an email address but not a Facebook account).

A few more facts about eBay's Holiday Gift Shop app:
1) No one you create gift lists for can see what you've created. These are lists you are making for yourself.
2) You get great recommendations from eBay experts.
3) It's super convenient - It ties right into the eBay site and the eBay mobile app so you can shop anywhere, any time!

The best reason to use this app: when you use it, you'll be entered into a holiday sweepstakes! Every day an item from someone's gift list will be given to them!

Disclosure: This is a compensated post:  I was hired by Splash Creative Media to write this post on behalf of eBay. App facts (in italics) are provided Splash Creative Media.. The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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