1800Lighting Product Review: Arroyo Craftsman Mission Porch Light

We've done a lot of renovating on our home over the last decade, and in that time we've learned quite a few things about working with contractors, dealing with city planning departments, handling interfering neighbors, living in a construction zone, going the DIY route, choosing fixtures, and more.  Here are some lessons we're learned:

Expect the unexpected.
It always takes longer than you think.
Have patience!
Be true to your home's style and size.
You get what you pay for.

Actually, that last one isn't strictly true.  Yes, you DO want the best quality you can afford, but you can actually pay a whole lot less for something if you look in the right place.  Take, for instance, lighting.  We've purchased dozens of light fixtures, from living room sconces to kitchen pendants to bedroom fixtures to porch and outdoor lights.  You can get fixtures for a lot of places, and the prices can vary widely.  Capitol Lighting invited me to take a look at their online store, 1800Lighting.com, to check out their prices and selections -- and I was delighted to see this Mission flush-mount outdoor light fixture from Arroyo Craftsman:
See, we have the exact same product on our front porch!  People always comment about how nice our house looks, and I believe part of the reason is that we try to pay attention to detail, and make sure everything we buy, from our lights to our door hardware to our window trim to the paint colors around the house, is consistent with our Craftsman style house.  Until about 5 years ago, our porch light was an ugly clear glass globe, so as soon as we could afford it we replaced it with an Arroyo Craftsman fixture.  We adore Arroyo Craftsman; they are well known for making quality Mission-style products.  Almost all of the lights around our house are from Arroyo Craftsman, and just seeing that 1800Lighting.com carries this brand already says a great deal to me about their good taste and high standards.

Ours varies slightly from the photo shown on the 1800lighting.com website because you can choose a variety of finishes for the metal and the glass.  You can also choose to have solid panes of glass on all surfaces, or have a T-bar overlay on each of the 4 sides (like we did, and like the photo shows).

The variety of options for customization is one of the reasons that Arroyo Craftsman is on the pricier end -- but with 1800Lighting.com, you actually save over $100 on this fixture's original MSRP!  At $324, it's a fantastic price.  If that price is not in your budget, 1800Lighting.com has a variety of more inexpensive options that still give you a high-quality look and stay true to your chosen style.  For example, you could go for a smaller version of this fixture, or one that takes a single 60-watt bulb instead of 2, still the Arroyo Craftsman brand, for $189.  Or you could go with other brands; 1800Lighting.com also sells a Kichler brand Mission porch light: it looks identical to the Arroyo Craftsman fixture, but it only comes in 1 finish, for just $115.  If you like that finish, it's perfect!  They have such a wide variety of styles and brands and prices, you're sure to find what you're looking for.  What's more, you get free shipping on orders over $49, so you can save even more!

So yes, you do get what you pay for, but if you know where to buy, you can pay a whole lot less.... :)

Disclosure: This is a compensated post.  The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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