Levenger Product Review: iPad Laplander

A couple of weeks ago, The Pea was lying in bed and watching a show on her iPad -- or at least she was trying to.  She ended up dropping the iPad on her face, and chipping her tooth!  Actually the tooth had already been chipped, so the iPad actually RE-chipped her tooth (knocked out the bit that had fallen out before), but it was still a traumatic experience for her.  I'm just glad the iPad wasn't broken :)  JOKE!

Seriously, it got me thinking about how we all like to read the iPad in bed or on the sofa, like it's a magazine, but of course it's heavier and more awkward than a magazine. Many iPad cases can be used to prop up iPads on tables, but aren't much good when we're lounging around.  Maybe I need to get one of those beanbag lap desks:

This is the iPad Laplander from Levenger, and it looks like a really nice one.  The bottom is a cushion filled with pellets so it conforms nicely to your lap, and the top is flat and firm so you can rest your iPad on it.  It even has elastic bands on either side so you can secure notepads or pens or glasses onto the desk without worrying that they'll roll off.  I like that it's not specific to the iPad, so you could use it with a Kindle or even with a sheet of paper, but I like that it's not too large and unwieldy (Levenger actually makes a larger Laplander that you can balance laptops or netbooks on).  The only thing I would change would be the wood grain and the pillow cover fabric -- I would love them both to be darker, so the whole thing could blend in with our cherry wood furniture!

What do you think?  This could have saved The Pea from a rather traumatic night and a morning at the dentist!

Disclosure: I do not own a Levenger product so I have no personal experience with it.  Levenger is compensating me for this post with a gift card.  The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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