His-and-hers Halloween costumes

October is almost here, and you know what that means:  us grownups have an excuse to dress up in costume, all month long!  I'm not just talking about Halloween night, I'm talking about all those Halloween parties.  And if you are taking a date with you to your party, it's a lot of fun if you have coordinating costumes.  I'm not into the gag-type costumes like ketchup and mustard, or tacky tourists, I prefer adult costumes with a hint of naughtiness.  Here are some of the matching costumes for women and men at EdenFantasys:

Both of you can dress up as police offers -- but who will be the good cop and who will be the bad cop?  And who is in charge of the handcuffs?

Male policeman costume:

Here's a female fire fighter costume. What can I say, it's hot hot hot... :)

And here's the matching male firefighter costume:

Another fun holiday to celebrate in October is Oktoberfest. What's not to love -- sausages, beer, music, and late night partying with family and friends!  Some friends of mine recently attended an Oktoberfest gathering, and they had to search long and hard on Ebay for their costumes.  Had they told me, I could have pointed them to this adorable beer garden girl costume:

And here's the matching lederhosen for guys!

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Disclosure: EdenFantasys is providing me with a gift card as a thank-you for writing this post. The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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