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Much as I love The Pea's American Girl doll collection, I have already told her she is NOT getting a dollhouse.  At 18", American Girl dolls are simply too large, and we don't have enough space at home.  Enter American Doll Room, a line of collapsible doll rooms that let your child play with her dolls in a realistic home setting -- without the bulk and space issues! Check out the American Doll Room that we were sent to review:

Jammy is posing with the box to provide you with a sense of how large it is (he is 8 years old and about 54" tall).

Inside the box, you will find a collapsible American Doll room made of sturdy thick cardboard. The walls and floor are printed to look like the walls and floor of a real house, and they are laminated in a clear finish.  It also comes with a square of carpet, 2 sets of curtains, a carry bag for the house and an additional duffel bag.

Here is what the room looks like once you have unfolded it.   The room is made of 2 walls that meet in a corner, and a floor; the walls stand up on their own, so you don't have to lean it up against a wall.

The Pea loves the pink walls, but you can choose from raspberry, tangerine, purple, pink or aqua.  The American Doll Room gallery shows other options, like a cabin room with wood-paneled walls or my favorite, an adorable two-toned room (i.e. colored walls with white wainscotting, my favorite!).  These new rooms will be available sometime in September, so keep checking the American Doll Room website or Facebook page!

The window placement is sized perfectly for 18" dolls and their furniture!  Here's the latest American Girl doll, Caroline, enjoying a quiet moment in her study.

You can furnish the room to be as historically accurate or as modern as you want.  The Pea decided to let Mia and her Just Like Me doll share a room, so we put their white bunk bed and the rolltop desk in the room (hey, even American Girl dolls have to do their homework) and it looked great.

The room comes with 2 sets of curtains, one for each window.  The curtains stick to the window frames via stick-on velcro, one square on each end (note, the curtains sag a bit in the middle so I think I will add another square of velcro in the middle).  Right now the only color option is white, but hopefully they'll come up with more colors soon, so girls can really personalize their American Doll Room.

The curtains aren't the only realistic detail -- there's even an outdoor garden scene printed through the window, so dolls (and their pets, like Licorice in the photo) can look out the window and see some pretty flowers.

There is even an outdoor wall design printed on the opposite sides of the panels, so you can set up the room by flipping the panels in the reverse direction.

Instead of a wooden floor, you see a tiled patio, and instead of pink walls, you get blue outdoor siding and outdoor shutters on the windows.  Note how  they've printed white curtains and pink walls on the windows, so it looks like you're looking into the pink room!  What great attention to detail!

Here's the best part (for parents, at least):  once play is done, the room folds flat again!  Simply fold the floor up....

... then fold the walls together.

The room fits into its own protective storage/carry case -- another great touch, because it keeps the room protected, and makes it easy for girls to carry it to their friends' houses for playdates.  We also received a large duffel bag that fits 18" dolls, furniture, clothes and accessories -- anything your girl needs to make her American Doll Room looking amazing!

What genius!  With rooms like these, who needs a whole doll house? The Pea is in seventh heaven!  Finally, she has a pretty room for her dolls.  I'm in seventh heaven too, because she gets all of the fun, without any of the cleanup / storage hassle for me.

Disclosure: I received a product sample to facilitate my review, but have not been paid to review the product or give my opinions.  The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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