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The latest issue of American Girl magazine is out, and it's full of lots of crafts, advice and activities to keep girls busy throughout the fall.  We received a copy of the September/October issue (available for sale as a single issue at the American Girl online store, or via subscription), and it looks like a lot of fun!  Here are some highlights:

The Classroom Confidential guide helps girls tackle back-to-school challenges like making friends or forgetting locker combinations, and start the school year confident and happy.

The Fearless article inspires girls to try new and exciting things by featuring three brave girls who try karate, flying and soapbox derby racing.

The Monster Cake tutorial teaches girls how to make and decorate a fun monster cake for Halloween

The Haunted Hotel Party guide has everything girls need -- crafts, treats and game suggestions -- to help them through the ultimate Halloween bash.

American Girl Magazine is a wonderful resource for girls 8 and up.  The Pea treasures each and every one of her issues!  She has gotten inspiration for organizing her locker and decorating her room.  She has even tried making some of their healthy breakfasts by herself to get out of her daily cereal rut!  And she's not the only one who loves the magazine.....

McKenna and Marie-Grace love American Girl magazine too!  Whenever they can get their hands on an issue, they read it from cover to cover.

Even Coconut likes to read American Girl Magazine!  With all the fun crafts and recipes inside that girls can enjoy, Coconut wants to make sure he gets in on the action.

Want to make your own American Girl magazine for your American Girl dolls?  It's easy!  Just print out the printables and follow the directions below to make a 2.5"x3" magazine ......

1)  Click on each of the images below to view full-size, then right-click to save the image to your desktop. Print both images.

2) Cut each pair of pages on the dotted lines.  Make sure you cut around the tabs.

3) Arrange the pages with tabs A & A1 back-to-back, so that the printout shows on both sides.  Glue together.  Do the same for B & B1, C & C1, D & D1.

4) Stack the pages one on top of the other, with the tabs A, B, C & D facing up, with A at the bottom, B on top of A, C on top of B, and D on top of C.  The "American Girl" magazine cover should be at the top of the stack.

5) Fold the stack of pages in half along the solid line in the center.  Run your finger down the folded edge to help the pages lie flat.

6)  Open the folded stack.  Staple along the center line.  Cut the tabs off.  You're done!

Now your dolls can enjoy their own doll-sized copy of American Girl magazine as much as your girl enjoys hers!

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of the Sept/Oct 2012 issue of American Girl Magazine.. The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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Anonymous said...

finally some one posted it online

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much! I couldn't find the printouts anywhere!

Anonymous said...

Loved it ...thanks soooo much .

Anonymous said...

could you get other issues online for this. I love mini mags

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