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I've got the best home office in the world, really I do. Our computer desk sits at the top of the stairs in a cozy little nook, with a great view of our backyard and lots and lots of light. If only it were a bit more organized!

So in the spirit of cleaning up my clutter, I jumped at the chance to try out Office Max's recently-launched private label brand, DiVoga. They're priced comparably to other office supplies on the market, and do the job just as well -- but what gets me excited about them is that they are so darn cute! No more plain, boring old office supplies for me! They're such a cheap, chic way to add fashion and flair to your home office. Cheap and Chic.... Cheac, yes, that's the perfect word for them. Check out some of the Cheac products in the diVoga line:

The kids love playing with the magnetic paper clip dispenser because paper clips stick to the inside and outside of the rim.

I love the paisely inspired black-and-white design on their plastic filing envelopes.

Their pencils are almost too cute to sharpen! Thank goodness their binder clips are reusable because they're definitely too cute to throw away.

I imagine that Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada would throw any other binder except these croc binders out the window -- and heaven help the fashion assistant that dares to bring any other kind into her office! And these binders are made of 70% post consumer recycled paper so the Andy Sachs-es of the world can feel good about using them.

Form, function and frugality -- that's diVoga for you (hey, I should be writing their marketing slogans). Of course, we've got a lot more stuff to organize than just bills and statements :) At least we can organize it all in style!

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Heart of Rachel on March 8, 2009 at 1:12 AM said...

Those are pretty office supplies. I love the printed plastic filing envelopes and the binder clips.

Anonymous said...

Those are really nice and I love the magnetic paperclip holder.

Rachel Ferrucci

Bird* on May 13, 2009 at 4:18 PM said...

i LOVE Divoga! i did a google search to find more divoga items, and your blog popped up!! :)

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