Ballas Hough Band debuts new cd

Anyone who's seen Dancing With the Stars on TV knows who Mark Ballas and Derek Hough are. These guys are awesome dancers (they both led their partners to win the Mirror Ball trophy these past 2 seasons) and a pleasure to watch. Who would have known that they're good singers as well?

I wasn't sure what to expect when I loaded their eponymous debut album, Ballas Hough Band (BHB) into my cd player -- pop? funk? soul? ballroom? Turns out, a little of each. Okay, maybe not ballroom, but some of these songs will definitely get people of any age dancing, from tweenyboppers to old fogies like me.

Not surprisingly, my kids like the catchy beat and pop-style melody of She Was the One and Do You Love Me. As for me? I've left my my pop music days behind with Billie Jean and Beat It, and I'm sooo done with synthesizers. So the more upbeat songs left me cold. Oh, I'll admit that Fall and Do It For You are great songs for working out or running to, but I much prefer BHB's slower songs. They're soulful and yearning, the perfect accompaniment to a evening snuggled up on the couch with you significant other -- or a cup of tea and a good tragic novel. I like Underwater and Closer, with their guitar sounds and suave Latin feel. But my favorite song in the album is definitely Longing For -- the harmony of Emily Grace and Mark Ballas' voices gives me goosebumps.

Mark and Derek are easy on the eyes and ears, as are the rest of the band. We all know they're great dancers -- and with BHB, I think they'll grow to be as popular behind the mike as they are on the dancefloor.

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