Cheating with Chocolate... Sensibly

When it comes to eating sensibly, my greatest weakness lies in portion control. When I'm eating something I like, it's way too easy to keep on going and going. I'm the kind who will eat the whole bar of chocolate if it's in front of me (unlike Alfie, who can stop after one square... ONE!)

So the trend in individually-portioned snacks, while not exactly environmentally friendly, is such a convenient way for me to control not just what I eat, but how much I eat. I recently received a sample of Sensible Snacks' new 100-calorie Cheating With Chocolate Mini-Crisps, and OMFG they are great. They're 100-calorie packs of sweet crisps that come in 2 flavors, S'mores (which Alfie likes) and Cinna-Swirl (my preference) that make it easy to resist cheating: once the bag is gone, it's gone. Of course, I could probably eat 3 bags at once, but I wouldn't be able to deny that I was cheating, would I? I just have to get Alfie to lock them up and dole them out to me, one per day.

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Banteringblonde on March 28, 2009 at 3:40 PM said...

OK I may have to try these because I'm going on a major diet for the next 12 weeks and I know the sugar will be calling my name!

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