Trendy Bebe giveaways around the blogosphere

Heads up: Next week --just in time for the holidays! -- I'll be featuring a giveaway hosted by Mom Blog Marketing and the ultra-chic online retailer The Trendy Bebe! They sell unique, hard-to-find children's clothing, accessories and personalized items that make great presents for the holidays. In the meantime, check out these other Trendy Bebe giveaways:

Win a Trendy Bebe personalized wipes case at Cow Girl Critiques;

Win a Trendy Bebe personalized receivivng blanket at Cool Moms Rule;

Win Trumpette Mary Jane socks from Trendy Bebe at A Frog in My Soup;

Win a Trendy Bebe personalized tutu at Goodies for Mom.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for listing my giveaway here on your blog, and good luck next week with your own Trendy Bebe contest!

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