Tooth Tunes Jr. Giveaway

I'm giving away a Tooth Tunes, Jr. toothbrush! Read more to find out how...

The Tooth Tunes Jr. concept is simple but brilliant: the toothbrush plays a minute of music while your child is brushing his teeth so he knows (and you know) how long he needs to keep brushing -- and he's motivated to keep brushing all that time.

Let me tell you, it works -- we've been trying this toothbrush for about a month now, and the kids love it. 3Po was humming "The Bear Necessities" the other day, and I asked where he had learned the song. He replied, "My toothbrush!". He's already told me which song he wants on his next Tooth Tunes Jr. brush: the Transformers theme song (the line also includes such as ‘If You’re Happy and You Know It Brush Your Teeth;”, “Hakuna Matata,” “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King” , and from My Little Pony) .

So try it on your own child with the free Tooth Tunes Jr. that I'm giving away! Here's how to join:

* Leave a comment on my Oct. 22 Tooth Tunes review post -- Not on this post! On that post, tell me which Tooth Tunes, Jr. song your little one would like best. Don't forget to include your email address so I can contact you.

* For an extra entry, blog about this giveaway on your own blog and include a link to this post. Leave an extra comment with your name, email address and a link to your blog. Don't forget, don't the leave comment here -- leave it on my Oct. 22 Tooth Tunes review post!

I'll draw a winner at random on November 30, 2008. For the full giveaway rules, click here. Good luck!

And once again: Click here to get to my Oct. 22 Tooth Tunes review post and leave your entry comments there.

(PS: The Russ Seapals giveaway and Playskool Busy Ball-tivity giveaway are still open; you can still comment here and here for a chance to win. And in 4 days, I'll be giving away a Turbo Tooth Tunes toothbrush.... )

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