PartyLite for the Holidays

This holiday season I find myself with too many things to do and not enough time to do it. So, unfortunately home decorating has gotten shoved to the bottom of my to-do list. As of December 1, my holiday decorating was limited to hanging the kids' Advent calendars on our kitchen wall. Not exactly the stuff Martha Stewart model homes are made of.

Fortunately a package arrived for me from PartyLite with exactly the thing I needed to create a holiday ambience without any fuss at all. They sent me a set of Red Twirls Decorative Sleeves and white pillar candles to match. Can you say Instant Holiday Decor? With those on our dining table and the Party Lite Change-O-Luminary on our coffee table (with the snowflake magnetic panel stuck on, of course), I can cross "Decorate home" off my holiday to-do list with a clear conscience, and it only took me seconds to accomplish! Here's more about what I thought of the sleeves:

The Basics
PartyLite is a direct seller of home ambience products like candles, candle accessories, home fragrance, accent decor and more. They carry an assortment of seasonal products for the holidays, including the Ruby Red Hurricane lamp, porcelain Hanukkah votive holder, and the Red Twirls Decorative Sleeves, which I reviewed. These sleeves come in two heights (6" and 8"), and are made with shiny red metal. You simply set a pillar candle on the red base and slide the sleeve over it. You can purchase Party Lite products from Party Lite consultants at a party. If you don't have a Party Lite consultant near you, you can purchase them online -- or consider becoming a consultant yourself!

Here's what Party Lite has to say about this product:
Ornate swirls on the stamped metal sleeve create stunning patterns of light that dance on nearby walls and tabletops. Metallic, shiny red finish. Available in two sizes, each sold separately.

The Bongga
I love how the deep red color makes a such bold statement. Right from the moment anyone steps into our living room, their eyes are drawn to these candles. And once it's time to dim the lights and light the candles, these sleeves really look great! You can see the gorgeous swirl patterns they make in the stock photo at the top of this post, but just in case you think it's some kind of fancy-shmancy photographer trick or Adobe Photoshop magic, I took a photo of my own:

See? Swirly shadows, even in my lo-tech photograph. Lo and behold, instant holiday ambience with just two candles!

The Blah
Alfie and I aren't fans of the bright, shiny, glossy metal they used to make these sleeves. Our tastes both run to the deep, dark matte finish of the Change-O-Luminary we reviewed in October.

The Bottom Line
These Red Twirl Decorative Sleeves from Party Lite are an easy way to add holiday ambience to any room!

I received a sample in order to review this product, but no monetary compensation. The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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