Holiday Card Trends for 2014 featuring Minted

This holiday season I noticed a few "trends" in the holiday cards that we received from family and friends:

Holiday photo cards are more popular than ever 
About 75% of all the cards we received had photos on them!  I'm so happy this continues to be the case because I love looking at photos.

Lots of cards were from Minted
I always look at the backs of the cards to see the up and coming companies. I was pleasantly surprised to see so many people used Minted cards!  We used Minted cards this year, and ours turned out spectacular!  I've already received many compliments on our cards.

More and more people are including newsletters
Again, I love this trend because the majority of my family and friends don't live near me, so I don't get to catch up as often as I want, so I always enjoy reading end-of-year summaries and finding out what people are up to. Many people print out their newsletters on separate sheets of paper, but I prefer shorter summaries printed out on the card itself.  One of the reasons I like Minted so much is that you can customize your card and add so many different kinds of text and photo layouts.

People are sending cards later and later
We received quite a few cards on December 26!  I can't complain, because I sent out my cards quite late, and I'm sure a few of mine will arrive between Christmas and New Year.  The holiday season is already so busy, I don't hold it against anyone for taking more time to get holiday cards out.  Besides, there's always Happy New Year cards!  Or Chinese New Year cards!  Are you planning on sending New Years cards?  Today's Mama is having a giveaway for $50 towards personalized holiday cards at Minted!

Disclosure: I received a gift card from Minted so I could review their 2014 holiday card line. The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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