Mix Pups Review

Check out these cute little puppies! Mix Pups is a line of collectible mix-and-match dogs -- with a twist. Not only can girls mix and match the puppies' clothing, they can also mix and match front and back legs as well as designer hairstyles. I received a set of two Mix Pups to review, and here's what I thought of them:

The Basics
Here's a description of the toy line:
Jazwares, Inc. lets the dogs out this holiday season with the debut of Mix Pups™ – a new line of poseable, collectible, pocket-sized puppies that girls can mix ‘n’ match to make their very own designer pups – exclusively at Toys“R”Us stores nationwide!

The hottest new collectible will have girls barking with delight as they customize their Mix Pups by mixing and matching their detachable front and back legs, designer hair style pieces and clothing. To add to the fun and unique creation, girls can dress up their designer pups with fashionable accessories for a perfect finishing touch. Multiple points of articulation enable girls to pose their pups in twenty different mix ‘n’ match combinations. And to extend the pup-play experience, girls can go online to the Mix Pups website -- www.mymixpups.com -- for interactive fun and games and opportunities to share fun videos of their own “Best of Show” puppies.

The new Mix Pups collection features sixteen individual collector puppies, including Roxy the Chihuahua, Annie the Bulldog, Lucy the Dalmatian, Chloe the White Poodle, Sophie the Silver Yorkie, Maddie the Dachshund, Sandy the Retriever, Amy the Boston Terrier, Molly the Cavalier, Daisy the White Terrier, CoCo the Chocolate Labrador, Shelby the Husky, Bailey the Beagle, Zoey the Pink Poodle, Sallie the Pink Pooch, and Susie the Gold Yorkie.

Each Mix Pup is numbered and comes with a personalized dog bed featuring the puppy’s name on it and all include lots of accessories for designing fun. The Mix Pups collection from Jazwares also features plush puppies as well as a variety of engaging accessories and play sets to let girls pamper and play in a whole new way. The more Mix Pups girls collect, the more they can create!

The Bongga
My kids are loving these little pups! They are going crazy with all the possible combinations, switching out front legs and back legs and hair and heads and accessories. Here are just a few of the combinations they've created:

They work really well with the other little animals that the kids already have, and The Pea and her friend are having lots of fun putting on puppy fashion shows with the Mix Pups and little fashion accessories. The single packs and accessory packs are inexpensive enough to be holiday stocking stuffers, while the double packs make great birthday gifts for friends, and the playsets are perfect for a special holiday present!

The Blah
The legs are really difficult to snap on to the bodies; attaching one is easy, but when you try to attach the second or third one, the others tend to fall off, and most of the time the kids end up running to me for help. Also, I have to admit, seeing Mix Pups without their hair is kinda creepy -- they need lots of extra hairpieces so that even if one (or some) get lost, these little pups won't ever have to go around bald.

The Bottom Line
Mix Pups combine two things girls love -- puppies and fashion -- so it's a great concept. Once your little girl figures out how to make their legs stay on, these Mix Pups will give her many hours of fun!

Disclosure: I received a sample of Mix Pups to review. I was not paid to review the product or give my opinions. Product information is provided by the featured company/product and is clearly indicated as such. The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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