Enjoying the Outdoors with Coleman

How do you top a summer vacation spent exploring the old capitals of Europe, with their classic architecture and cosmopolitan flair? Why, get back to nature, of course! We blew our budget with our trips around the UK and Europe, so for the rest of this year we'll be exploring our back yard (as in our back yard "back yard", and our local area "back yard"). Staycations are easy on the budget, easy to prepare for -- and best of all, they're wicked fun!

I can't wait to do our annual family campout, especially now that Coleman has sent us an assortment of equipment -- coolers, water jugs, tent, sleeping bag, air mattress and lantern, to be precise -- to help us enjoy our time in the outdoors even more.

That's right, Coleman, the brand I've been using since I was in elementary school. I actually got quite a reputation for faithfully lugging my 1-gallon Coleman plastic jug every single day (I was a popular source of hydration for all my friends!). maybe it was the popularity, maybe it was the ice-cold water I enjoyed all day, but I've been a Coleman fan ever since. The first camping equipment I bought as an adult was a Coleman sleeping bag. My kids all have Coleman sleeping bags (Alfie doesn't have one; we share mine. But now that Coleman has sent us a sleeping bag, he's got his own). We have a Coleman cooler, camping stove, lantern and tent. We buy Coleman fuel for our lamp and grill. I can't even say Camping Equipment without thinking Coleman. Yeah, I guess you could say we're a Coleman family. I am so psyched.

Stay tuned for more posts on how we're using our new Coleman equipment to have some family fun in the great outdoors!

Disclosure: I received an assortment of product samples from Coleman, but was not paid to review the product or give my opinions. Product information is provided by the featured company/product and is clearly indicated as such. The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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