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Does anyone wish they lived in the Good Old Days? Not me. Because the Good Old Days didn't have the internet, and I don't think I could survive without the internet. I rely on it for communication, information and entertainment.

Oh, and shopping. With the variety and price of stuff online these days, you almost never have to get up and go to a physical store anymore. Of course, it doesn't do any favors to my waistline, but I figure I'm paying for my gym membership with all the money I'm saving by finding great deals online. I'm the kind of person who likes to research and comparison shop, so rather than drive from store to store (wasting all that gas, I might add), I just click from site to site trying to find what I want.

Which is why I like shopping comparison sites. I get to be even lazier and let the site search for all the great deals for me! I recently reviewed a new comparison shopping site called, that looks like it could be really useful in finding great deals and doing all the research you need on products you want to buy.

For example, I've been thinking of buying a pair of Fit Flops lately, and I went to to do my research and see where I should buy it. Like most shopping comparison sites, shows me a ton of places where I can find Fit Flops on the web, along with how much they cost. I found a really sweet deal -- I mean, Fresh Deal -- on FitFlops at for $29 (versus the regular price of $49!).

But what's unique (and great) about is that they actually have a Q&A forum integrated into each page, so that users can ask each other questions about the product, comment and answer questions. It's a step beyond a regular review since you can actually follow up on what people have written. You can even log on to Facebook from the site and share the deals you find with your Facebook friends, which turns the shopping experience into an interactive, shared experience -- which is half the fun of shopping anyway!

So don't tell me you'd rather live in the Good Old Days. Who needs to walk a mile in a snowstorm to gather firewood for the hearth? I'd much rather get a heater delivered straight to my doorstep -- and thanks to places like, find the cheapest way to get it!

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