You've got to Taste This!

As soon as I flipped to the first recipe in Gina Von Esmarch's new cookbook Taste This!, I new it was going to be my kind of cookbook. The recipe for the Red Grapes & Red Onions appetizer contains two of my favorite foods, red onions and goat cheese, and the recipe doesn't depend on exact measurements.

It only got better as I flipped through the book. It's filled with simple dishes that, thanks to the ingredient list and photos, make my mouth water. Half of the dishes are ones I already like to make (Pear & Walnut Salad, peas , Cuban Style Picadillo, tomato & white bean stew to name a few), and the other half are dishes I've always wanted to make. This is totally the cookbook I'd write if I wrote a cookbook.

If I had to sum it all up in a single word, it would be Not Intimidating (okay, that's two words but right now I can't think of the opposite to intimidating). I'm itching to try the recipes, all of which have a pretty short ingredient list and simple preparation instructions. They even utilize -- gasp! -- canned food, bottled salad dressing and refrigerated dough! We're going to get started on it right away, so keep a lookout for reviews of her individual dishes. Yum!

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