Create some curl jealousy with CURLS Gel-les'c

Hey, all you curly-haired cuties! CURLS haircare products has just introduced a new product, Curl Gel-les'c (pronounced Curl Jealousy), a styling product that tames frizz, creates curls and imparts shine. It's organic like the other CURLS products it's make everyone as green with envy as the botanicals it's based on.

Want to try some for yourself? Send a photo of your best curls to Three winners with the most enviable curls will win a free bottle of Curl Gel-les'c and a matching t-shirt. Or keep a lookout right here -- I'll be hosting a Curl Gel-les'c giveaway soon!

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Anonymous said...

Will try the gel. Can I also suggest you give Mixed Chicks products a shot? They do wonders on curly hair, too.

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