Bake up healthy, natural treats with Among Friends Baking Mixes

I love to bake cookies.  I love eating cookies even more than I love baking them, so I occasionally buy cookie baking mixes -- but I always feel guilty about it because I know I can bake a better tasting cookie without all the artificial ingredients and preservatives in store-bought cookies mixes.

If you want a cookie mix with ingredients that you can actually pronounce, check out Among Friends baking mixes.  Their handcrafted baking mixes are filled with real, non-GMO ingredients that actually belong in a kitchen cupboard.  Their cookies are high in protein, low in sugar and low in fiber, and a few of them are made with gluten-free ingredients.

Among Friends sent me a pack of their Suzie Q. cookie mix (all their mixes are named after their friends; this one is an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie mix), and I asked The Pea to bake the cookies for me.

The dry mix comes in a bag and contains flour, chocolate chips, sugar, baking soda, flax seed and salt. The only ingredient I didn't recognize was soy lecithin. All you have to add is an egg and butter (vanilla is optional), and mix it up.

The resulting cookies were delicious.   Even though The Pea used melted butter (don't ask me why she did that), the cookies didn't spread out too thin.  They were nice and fat, but not too fat that the middle stayed raw.  It's difficult for me to describe exactly what they taste like; at first I thought they tasted like health food because it's not overly sweet and it's more oaty than cake-y.  But by the time I had my third cookie I was hooked.  I definitely want to try the other varieties!

Disclosure: I received a sample for review.  The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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