Relive (or redo) your favorite NFL moments with Madden NFL 13

Superbowl 47 is over, and the Baltimore Ravens snatched victory from the San Francisco 49ers in a thrilling cliffhanger of a game.  I'm in mourning for the 49ers, along with the rest of the San Francisco Bay Area.  They played a terrible first half, and at one point were losing 28-6, but they clawed their way back to 31-29,  With about 4 minutes to go, the 49ers were literally inches away from a touchdown and victory, but the Ravens them held off to win 34-31.

If only 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree had caught that final pass.... if only the pass interference on Crabtree had been called... if only quarterback Colin Kaepernick had been able to find someone open... if only the whole team had played better in the first half!  So many "what if's"....  Fortunately heartbroken 49ers fans will be able to replay Superbowl 47 the way they want it -- and gleeful Ravens fans will be able to relive their victory again and again -- with the Madden NFL 13 videogame for the PS3 and the PS Vita.

About Madden NFL 13 for PS Vita
Madden NFL 13 debuts on the PlayStation Vita, delivering the ultimate NFL experience on a handheld. Become an NFL Superstar or build the league's next Dynasty utilizing the Vita's touch screens that provide unprecedented control, unlocking new layers of gameplay and feature depth. Experience Sundays like never before with all-new commentary from Jim Nantz and Phil Simms as you battle friends online and climb the leaderboard with each victory, or use the motion sensor function to control direction when kicking field goals. Madden NFL 13 for Vita lets NFL fans dominate at home or while on the road.

As a PlayStation Family blogger, I received a copy of Madden NFL 13 for the PS Vita, and my boys spent all of last week playing with it, pitting teams against each other, getting familiar with how football is played and getting psyched about the Big Game.  Even though they're not big football fans, it turns out they really enjoy this videogame!  They definitely enjoy playing Madden NFL 13 more than they enjoy watching football on TV, because they get to decide which teams play against each other and they get to control the players' moves on the field.  They can even create their own NFL player, get him drafted and help him succeed all the way into the NFL Hall of Fame.

Learning all the movement controls can take a bit of time, but the PS Vita's front and rear touch screens make it a lot easier, and once players get used to it, they can really make those football players go.  Sometimes they like to make the players do really goofy moves, like make players run in the wrong direction or aim a field goal at a player's head, just for the fun of it!  The sound effects are a lot of fun, from the stadium music to the roar of the crowd to the commentators calling out the plays (they use the voices of the real TV commentators).  I'm so impressed at how much detail they can pack into a portable game, from the amazing graphics to the complex moves to the number of features.   It's a must-have for NFL fans, especially those who like to play on the go -- and as my kids have proven, it's a lot of fun for any kid who likes to play videogames.

The 49ers may have lost Superbowl 47, but they're always a winner in my book.  Thanks to Madden NFL 13, it's still possible to escape from reality and pit the Ravens against the 49ers one more time and come out with a happier ending!

Disclosure: As a PlayStation Family member, I received a review copy of Madden NFL 13. Game information (in italics) was provided by Sony PlayStation.  The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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Louie on February 5, 2013 at 10:48 PM said...

they needed another blackout in the fourth Q..

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