Win a Mean, Green Cleaning Machine

I recently posted about the fun afternoon we had at the Tech Museum of Innovation, courtesy of the Silicon Valley Moms Blog and ActiveIon, where Bill Nye the Science Guy did some fun science experiments and showed us the science behind the super-cool cleaning product, Activeion Pro.

I haven't put up my review yet because I'm still in the midst of testing out the Activeion Pro. Oh, hell, I'm lying -- I've used it for long enough to know that Activeion Pro is a GREAT, cutting-edge product -- I just haven't gotten my thoughts together and figured out a way to review it without sounding too much like an Activeion fanatic. So for now I'll direct you to Jill's Bill Nye post on SV Moms to learn a bit more about the Activeion Pro -- and get a chance to win one of your own. It's worth $299, people! Just leave a comment on the post for a chance to win!

Oh, yeah, I'll be giving away an Activeion Pro here on Bonggamom Finds, too. So stay tuned for my Activeion review and giveaway post!

By the way, sometimes it's better to apologize for something naughty you've done, than to ask permission for something naughty you want to do. So..... apologies, thanks and props to my blogging galpal Kim for her catchy post title -- which I am shamelessly plagiarizing, as you can plainly see. Kim, you rock!

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kimberly/tippytoes on June 11, 2009 at 8:10 PM said...

It figures you'd do something like this! (just kidding) Does this comment mean I'm in the running for another Activeion?! Woot!

Twincere on June 11, 2009 at 8:47 PM said...

I have to agree, the Activeion Pro does look like a super-cool cleaning product. From what I gather from the photo, it uses the power of Tap water only for endless bouts of chemical-free cleaning. I hear the ca-ching register sounds going off in my head because not only is this truely GREEN, but its gonna save users a ton of GREEN! Woot!I am looking forward to your Activeion review and giveaway post! In the meantime, please count my entry into this swifty, nifty product!Thanks!

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