Soulful Songs with Diane Birch

About a month ago I blogged about how I'd love to add more Diane Burch songs to my iPod. Well, now her debut album Bible Belt is out, and thanks to the One2One network, I received a review copy of her cd to enjoy and review! After listening to the whole cd, I haven't changed my opinion -- she still reminds me of Norah Jones, and I still enjoy her music and would recommend her to friends.

Bible Belt is a good name for the cd, since it gives listeners a good idea of what they are going to hear even before they press Play. But her music is more than just church music or gospel-inspired. She's got jazz and blues in there, too. One of her songs, Fools, has a kind of free-spirited, Joni Mitchell vibe, and whenever I listen to Choo Choo, for some reason I think of a 1970's disco queen, complete with hoop earrings and 'fro (it doesn't hurt that her photo on the cover album reminds me of Liza Minelli -- it's the eyelashes!). My favorite song is still Rise Up, but the rest of Bible Belt certainly is certainly a match in quality.

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