Rainy Day Monster Jam: a completely new and awesome experience

The photo below was taken the very first time the kids went to Monster Jam. It was crazy to see how tiny they were compared to the gigantic Monster trucks!  That was seven years ago, and all three kids have grown a lot since then, but they continue to be dwarfed by Monster Jam trucks. For our family, Monster Jam has become something of a family tradition, and when February or March rolls around, you can bet at least one of our kids is going to ask, "When is Monster Jam coming back to town?".
Monster Jam

Fortunately, the Bay Area has a huge Monster Jam fan base, so they usually visit the area at least once a year.  Last weekend we went to Monster Jam at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, we had the time of our lives. The kids were bitterly disappointed when we couldn't attend the last Monster Jam in Oakland, so getting this second chance to attend was such a gift. In fact, it turned out for the best because Levi's Stadium is much nearer our home, and in our opinion, a much nicer stadium (it was the home of Superbowl 50!).

We've been to Monster Jam several times, but amazingly, there always seems to be something new to experience. This time, it rained heavily for almost the entire show, which added a completely new dimension. We got to see the importance of traction for these trucks to do their amazing stunts. With so much rain pouring into the stadium, the field quickly turned into a huge mud pit, making it way more difficult for the trucks to do their high flying leaps and somersaults.

Many of the trucks must have burned their clutches out, trying to get enough speed and power to do their tricks, because they ended up in a smoking heap!

The trucks may not have jumped as far or as high, but getting to see trucks covered in mud, splattering mud everywhere as they revved their engines and turned corners, kind of made up for it. The whole thing turned into a cross between mud wrestling, an off-road race, and a freestyle competition. You can barely see the motorcross riders in the photo below because they are so completely covered in mud!

Also new this year was a donut competition. Trucks would go round and round in circles to see who would make the craziest donuts. One truck did half of his donuts on two wheels!

One of the highlights of the show was a truck who leaped the length of three whole monster trucks! Fireworks went off as the truck flew through the air, and the crowd went crazy.

Levi's Stadium seats 70,000 people, and I was surprised to see people in every single section of the stadium! The place was at least half full. I couldn't believe that Monster Jam could manage to pull so many people on such a miserably rainy day! It just goes to show you that Monster Jam really does have a huge fan base with broad appeal. I saw families, couples, adults of all ages. It really is a show that everyone will love!

Disclosure: As a Feld Family Activator, I received 4 complimentary tickets to the event. All other costs associated with attending the event were incurred at my expense. The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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