Make your Valentine's Heart Beat Faster with Logitech Ultimate Ears

Still looking for a Valentine's Day present for your loved one?  How about something that will make him or her dance with joy: a Ultimate Ears (UE) portable speaker from Logitech!  UE speakers are truly the ultimate -- in sound, in portability, in quality.  With a UE MEGABOOM, UE BOOM, or UE MINI BOOM, you can take the party everywhere you go.

Logitech sent me a UE BOOM unit to review, and I didn't need any more than a day to decide that it's a keeper. The gorgeous design, fun colors, (I chose red and black, but it comes in a variety of fashionable colors), and great sound make it the perfect present for anyone who loves to listen and dance to music with friends.

The UE BOOM comes with a cool, hi-tech-looking cylindrical case, which houses everything you need -- the speaker, a connecting USB cable, and a charging plug.  The cable and plug slot nicely at the top and bottom, which makes it super easy to pack for travel.

The UE BOOM is just over 7 inches long, and about 2 and a half inches in diameter. You can easily hold it in the palm of your hand.  That portability came in really handy today, when I brought the UE BOOM to school with me today. I was able to carry it around, connect it to my phone via Bluetooth, and play music for the kids at lunchtime. The music came out loud and clear during our lunchtime dance party, and the kids loved it! It was perfect to take out into the middle of the field, where the school's regular speaker system can't reach.

One of the best things about UE speakers is that you can pair them up!  That's right, you use UE's Double Up feature to pair one UE speaker with a second, and control both of them right from your phone or tablet.  You can combine the two speakers to amplify volume, or you can use the pair as stereo speakers to get left and right stereo sound.  You can Double UP your UE BOOM with another UE BOOM, with a UE MEGABOOM (if you are running version 7x or 8x of the UE software), or with a UE MINIBOOM (if you are running version 5x or 6x of the UE software).

I actually own 2 UE MINIBOOM speakers, which Double Up nicely with each other, but I wanted to try Doubling Up one of the UE MINIBOOM speakers with my new UE BOOM speaker.  It was easy as pie -- just open the UE BOOM app, connect your UE BOOM, then select the Double UP option and add your second speaker (in my case, the UE MINIBOOM).  I haven't found any other wireless speaker that can connect two units at once via Bluetooth, and I think it's a fantastic feature.

Speaking of features, Double Up is just the beginning. Here's a list of UE BOOM features that I love:

  • Its 360-degree wireless speaker  blasts loud, insanely good sound in every direction. 
  • Whether you  stand it up in either direction or lay it down, it gives off amazing sound.
  • It has a 50-ft Bluetooth® wireless range so you're not shackled to your speaker.
  • Ultra-fast micro USB charging means you don't have to wait long to get the party started.
  • Its 15-hour rechargeable battery means you can throw a marathon party.
  • Its water and stain resistant (always great when you have kids!)

UE BOOM is just one of three options that Logitech offers for great wireless portable sound. If you want even more sound, you can go one step up with the UE MEGABOOM. If you prefer even more portability, check out the tiny but powerful UE MINIBOOM (read my review of the UE MINIBOOM!).

Disclosure: I received a product sample to facilitate my review, but have not been paid to review the product or give my opinions. Product information (in italics) is provided by the featured company/product. The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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