Add More Pixie Dust to your DisneySide Party with HP and MyPrintly

DisneySide party invitations with HP photo paper

One of the easiest ways to save money when throwing a party is to make some or all of your own decorations.  You can make wall posters, banners, bunting, signs, and so much more, with just some paper, pens, and paint.  If you don't consider yourself the artistic type, then substitute pens and paint for a good printer!  The internet is teeming with great ideas and images to print out.

One of the most useful things that I received in my DisneySide At Home Celebration box was a set photo paper cards from HP.  I used them to print out invitations and thank you cards for the party.  The theme of my DisneySide party was Paintball Mickey (because my son celebrated his 11th birthday with a paintball party), so I found an image of Mickey, an image of a paintball gun (from Disney Infinity), and some images of paint blobs.  I combined them with a photo of the kids in their paintball gear for a cute and memorable thank you card.  I also have a more generic Mickey Paintball invitation and thank you card image at the bottom of this post -- feel free to download and use for your own Mickey Paintball party!
Mickey Paintball party thank you cards

We held the party at our local paintball field.  The place had a picnic area with first-come-first-served picnic tables, so I decided to make a birthday sign to mark our spot.  Artist Simon Phipps generously allowed me to use his adorable Mickey Paintball artwork for the sign.  I added a few more paint splotches and a Happy Birthday sign, then printed out two copies.  I pasted both printouts onto a sheet of stiff cardboard, then attached it to a wooden stick.
Mickey Paintball party birthday sign

I stuck the sign into a glass jar filled with plastic beads in order to make it stand up.  I also added a few smaller Mickey Mouse Clubhouse signs to make the display more festive.  Everyone thought it looked cool, and all our guests had no problem finding our party table!  Thank you so much Simon for letting me use your artwork!  (Please note, the Mickey Paintball artwork belongs to Simon Phipps and cannot be used without his permission!).
Mickey Paintball party birthday sign

Below are the Mickey Paintball invitations and thank you cards that I designed.  They should be printed on 4x6 photo paper.  Feel free to download and print (if you do blog about them, please mention me and link to this post!). To see what other great things you can do with photo paper, go to MyPrintly, HP's new site for printing projects and ideas.  Enjoy!
Mickey Paintball party invitation cards

Mickey Paintball party thank you cards

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Disclosure:I received photo paper samples from HP, courtesy of Disney and MomSelect.  The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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Terra Heck on February 7, 2015 at 1:48 AM said...

I think you came up with great designs for the invites and thank you cards. Giving each kid a pic of the paintball party is also a great idea, so they can remember the fun they had.

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